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Staff Spotlight: ​​​​​​​R&D 100 Award Recipients in EAEI

The 2023 R&D 100 Award, presented by R&D Magazine and selected by an independent panel of judges, recognizes the year’s 100 most innovative and disruptive technology products from industry, academia, and government-sponsored research. 

Ashok Gadgil receives R&D Leader of the Year Award

Ashok GadgilFor the first time this year, R&D Magazine presented Professional Awards to individuals and teams. In this new category, Ashok Gadgil received the 2023 R&D Leader of the Year Award.

Ashok Gadgil receives the R&D Leader of the Year Award for his more than 30 years of dedication to creating technological innovations for safe drinking water, clean air, sustainable energy, and reduced child mortality. His work has benefited the health and dignity of low-resource communities throughout the years. In addition to his innovative work, he has worked tirelessly to implement his solutions nationally and internationally. Throughout his career, he has mentored numerous students, directed a national laboratory research division, led a binational clean water-energy technology research organization, directed a university development impact lab, and developed and taught courses at UC Berkeley.



HEVI-LOAD team receives a 2023 R&D 100 Award

HEVI-LOAD TeamAs the decarbonization of the transportation sector continues, government agencies, transportation planners, private clean energy practitioners, and medium and heavy-duty (MHD) electric vehicle drivers are wondering what kind of infrastructure will be needed and where it will be needed. The development team led by Bin Wang and including Wanshi Hong, Cong Zhang, Fan Tong, and Douglas Black have developed a tool to help answer these and related questions: Medium- and Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle Infrastructure – Load Operation and Deployment (HEVI-LOAD). HEVI-LOAD is a software tool that helps predict the needs of MHD electric vehicles. Its projections include requirements for the electric grid and charging infrastructure such as the type, number, and location of charging stations for the state of California and beyond. The data is visualized and presented in a dashboard application that allows the user to view large and small results down to the county level. The tool has been supported by the California Energy Commission and the US Department of Energy, Vehicle Technology Office’s Analysis Program.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accountability (IDEA) Spotlight

Ingrid Xhafa and Stephane de la Rue du Can

Ingrid Xhafa and Stephane de la Rue du CanSparking Electric New Opportunities for Ugandan Women in Business

EAEI researchers Ingrid Xhafa and Stephane de la Rue du Can are helping Ugandan women entrepreneurs build more competitive, energy-efficient businesses in partnership with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Uganda-based energy advisory company Clean Energy Enthusiasts (CEE).

Read more: https://energyanalysis.lbl.gov/news/energy-efficiency-women-entrepreneurs-uganda

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