Research at the Intersection of Science, Technology, Policy and Economics

We conduct research on energy consumption and related impacts to inform policy, standards, and decision-making for the benefit of society and the environment

Staff Spotlight: ​​​​​​​2021 Director’s Awards for Exceptional Achievement

2021 Early Scientific Career: Hanna M. Breunig

Hanna M. Breunig

2021 Early Scientific Career

For exceptional scientific leadership in technoeconomic and environmental analysis of hydrogen storage and net carbon-negative technologies.


2021 Exceptional Achievement in Societal Impact

Nikit Abhyankar, Umed Paliwal, Amol Phadke

2021 Societal Impact

Recognizing the pathbreaking research done by Amol Phadke, Nikit Abhyankar, and Umed Paliwal in decarbonization of the US grid and transportation systems which laid the foundation for the United States’ Nationally Determined Contribution and goal of 100% clean electricity by 2035.


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accountability (IDEA) Spotlight

We are proud to announce that several division researchers are applying their technical abilities and passion for energy and environmental equity as Justice40 Initiative Fellows. The following division researchers are presently devoting half of their time as inaugural Justice40 Fellows and working with DOE’s Deputy Director for Energy Justice and key stakeholders to ensure that the clean energy revolution lifts up communities that have been left behind, and makes sure those who have suffered the most are among the first to benefit.

Image of Salma Elmalla

Salma Elmalla

Salma Elmalla is a Graduate Student Research Assistant in the Electricity Markets and Policy Department and a PhD candidate in the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley.

Sydney Forrester

Sydney Forrester is a Scientific Engineering Associate working in the Electricity Markets and Policy Department. Sydney broadly focuses on renewable energy adoption and new utility business models.

Natalie Popovich

Natalie Popovich is a Project Scientist in the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Systems Department. She is an environmental economist whose research focuses on the interactions of land use, networks, and travel behavior.

C. Anna Spurlock

C. Anna Spurlock is Research Scientist in the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Systems Department. She is an environmental and behavioral economist using data science and machine learning coupled with statistical and econometric techniques to study technology adoption and impact across energy sectors.

Miguel Heleno

Miguel Heleno is a Research Scientist in the Grid Integration Group in the Energy Storage and Distributed Resources Division. He studies grid optimization and planning, power systems economics, and energy policy, and he coordinates Berkeley Lab’s participation in the DOE Office of Electricity’s Microgrid R&D and Advanced Grid Modeling Programs.