Fellow Dives In to Water-Energy Research

October 24th 2018
Olga Kavvada

The Energy Technologies Area’s ITRI-Rosenfeld 2017 and 2018 fellows are investigating a range of techniques to improve the energy efficiency of water treatment, remediation, and water consumption.

Olga Kavvada, of EAEI, joined the Lab in January 2018 to work on developing water demand forecast models that can quantify the impacts of urban development decisions on the spatial distribution of water consumption and wastewater production.

She collaborates with Corinne Scown and Hanna Breunig for developing methods to support policy decisions on setting water-energy efficiency targets. Olga holds a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley where she developed models and software tools for the spatial optimization of water reuse in urban areas.