Naim Darghouth

Naim Darghouth

Naim Darghouth

Senior Scientific Engineering Associate
(510) 486-4570

Dr. Naïm Darghouth is a Principal Research Associate in the Electricity Markets and Policy Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Naïm conducts research and analysis on renewable energy policy, including electricity rate design and its impact on the value of residential renewable energy systems, economics of renewable energy technologies, and federal and state energy policies. 

Naïm's publications include "The Impact of Rate Design and Net Metering on the Bill Savings from Distributed PV for Residential Customers in California" (LBNL-3276E), "Tracking the Sun IV An Historical Summary of the Installed Cost of Photovoltaics in the United States from 1998 to 2010" (LBNL-5047E), as well as a variety of policy analysis journal and conference papers.

Naïm has a PhD in Energy and Resources from UC Berkeley, and holds a bachelor's degree and master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University and the Georgia Institute of Technology, respectively, as well as a master's degree in the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley.