Real Estate Professionals Embrace Solar Power

June 14, 2017

As solar energy’s popularity continues to grow among homeowners, it’s changing the way people buy and sell homes. Because solar has been found to consistently add value to homes, real estate agents need a new way to fairly value solar homes and make sure house hunters can easily find key solar system information. New data standards from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will enable thousands of realtors in California to enter details about solar-powered real estate assets into real estate listings for the first time, providing millions of Americans the opportunity to easily buy and sell solar properties.

Without transparent information on a home’s solar energy system, such as the age and ownership details, it’s hard for buyers to make informed decisions. And, if the information is incorrect or missing, it can complicate real estate transactions and cause sellers to lose out on solar’s premium-boosting value. Adding uniform solar data fields into universally used real estate databases—called multiple listing services (MLSs)—is an easy way to prevent these issues from occurring.

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