Comparison of Building Energy Simulation Programs: Dest, EnergyPlus and DOE-2

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It is widely known that large discrepancies in simulation results can and quite often exist between different building energy modeling programs (BEMPs), which results in many users and stakeholders to lack confidence in building simulations. Actually, both the program itself and inputs to models lead to the discrepancies in simulation results for difference BEMPS. In order to address this problem, an inter-program comparison of DeST, EnergyPlus and DOE-2 was carried out focusing on load calculations, and also this scientific methods and processes to do the comparison are proposed. The comparison including load calculation methods, ASHRAE Standard 140 test and in-depth test indicate that the difference of load simulation result between DeST and EnergyPlus is less than 10% and DOE-2 has limitations in accounting for accurate multiple zone heat balance and part-time operation of AC systems due to its lack of zone heat balance in load calculations.

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