About Us


The Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts (EAEI) Division measures and analyzes energy use, emissions to the environment, and the technological, market, and policy approaches to improve efficiency and mitigate energy-related impacts. This research informs work spanning basic science and technology development, efficiency standards, and decision-making for the benefit of governments, societies, and the global environment. The division has developed analytical and experimental methods and tools to identify and assess the technical, economic, and market potential of energy technologies and to measure and analyze electricity, gas, and end-use services, as well as their associated social, economic, health, and environmental impacts.


EAEI’s domestic and international energy policy and environmental impacts research addresses a wide range of challenging energy topics, including:

  • Analysis of policy strategies that encourage the deployment of energy efficiency, energy storage, and renewable energy resources
  • Technical and economic analysis on energy efficiency standards
  • Challenges and opportunities in modernizing the electricity grid, enabling integration with buildings and electrified mobility systems, and aligning regulation and utility business models with public policy goals
  • Technologies and pathways for reducing the carbon footprint and air quality impacts of energy use.

EAEI researchers provide rigorous and innovative scientific research and technical assistance to federal, state, and local government agencies in the United States and throughout the world — helping these entities develop long-term strategies, policies, and programs that facilitate energy efficiency and the deployment of clean energy technology with minimum environmental and health impacts in all sectors and industries.