Building Modeling

Building Modeling Tools for Heat Resilience

Modeling and analysis of a city's building stock to support greater resilience during extreme heat

Neighborhood-scale building modeling with CityBES:


  • CityBES is an open tool for neighborhood- to urban-scale building modeling
  • The team has developed a residential building dataset for several neighborhoods in southwest Fresno
  • The CityBES tool can model energy savings for one building or for a group of buildings
  • We've also developed a Heat Vulnerability Index (HVI) tool for Fresno 

The CityBES tool is available for free at,  and tutorial videos for CityBES and the HVI tool are included below.


Modeled measures include:

Passive Indoor Modeled Measures

Active Indoor Modeled Measures


Related publications

  • Investigation of pre-cooling as a recommended measure to improve thermal resilience of residential buildings during heat waves, accepted for publication to Building and Environment.


    CityBES tutorial videos:

    1) CityBES introduction


    2) Resilience Analysis tutorial


    3) HVI tutorial