EETD Scientists Recognized by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

December 6th 2010
Portrait of Charles Goldman

Charles Goldman, a scientist in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division, has been given a special award by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy in recognition of the "Electricity Markets and Policy Group's critical achievements and leadership in the energy efficiency field." Goldman is the leader of this research group.

The award was presented at a reception during the ACEEE's "Energy Efficiency-Advancing Our Economy, Environment, and Security" conference in Washington D.C., which celebrated the organization's 30 years of work in energy efficiency. DOE's Cathy Zoi, Acting Under Secretary and Assistant Secretary, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, was the featured speaker at the reception.

Art Rosenfeld, who has returned to the Environmental Energy Technologies Division with the title Distinguished Scientist Emeritus, was also recognized as a visionary in energy efficiency. The ACEEE said of Art, and Amory Lovins:

"Arthur H. Rosenfeld and Amory Lovins have been visionaries in the field of energy efficiency. What we know as energy efficiency today is in significant part  because of their imagination, dedication, and hard work. Art Rosenfeld, one of ACEEE's founders, recently retired as head of the California Energy Commission. Amory Lovins is Chairman and Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute."