2018 LBL Director's Awards

November 19th 2018
(From left) Berkeley Lab scientists Bo Hang, Hugo Destaillats, Lara Gundel, Antoine Snijders, Jian-Hua Mao, and Pin Wang are studying the biological effects of thirdhand smoke exposure. (Credit: Marilyn Chung/Berkeley Lab)

EAEI staff were recently recognized for the 2018 LBL Director's Awards for Exceptional Achievement.

Anna Spurlock,Hugo Destaillats, Lara Gundel, Brett Singer, Mohamad Sleiman and Xiaocheng Tang from EAEI.

The Director’s Awards program recognizes significant achievements of Lab employees. Each year, these awards are given for accomplishments, leadership, collaboration, multi-disciplinary science, cross-divisional projects, and commitment to excellence in support of the Lab’s mission and strategic goals.

2018 Diversity: ANNA SPURLOCK In recognition of her tireless efforts to ensure the Lab is a welcoming and inclusive workplace for people of all communities, and for her efforts to increase the Lab’s progress in diversity, equity and inclusion.

2018 Societal Impact: THIRDHAND SMOKE RESEARCH TEAM: HUGO DESTAILLATS, LARA GUNDEL, BO HANG, JIAN-HUA MAO, ALTAF SARKER, BRETT SINGER, MOHAMAD SLEIMAN, ANTOINE SNIJDERS, XIAOCHEN TANG This multidisciplinary and cross-divisional team is honored for decade-long research accomplishments culminating in their discovery that thirdhand smoke, a new tobacco hazard, increases lung cancer risk in mice. This achievement is vital for protecting and improving public health nationwide.