Peter Cappers

Strategic Advisor
Energy/Environmental Policy Research Scientist/Engineer
(315) 637-0513

Peter Cappers, a Research Scientist and Strategic Advisor to the Electricity Markets and Policy Department at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, has conducted research for the past 18 years into demand response and electric utility regulatory and business models issues. At present, he leads the Demand Response & Smart Grid subteam comprised of four other gifted and talented researchers. With them, he has been able to perform a tremendous amount of research over the past five years on residential customer acceptance and response to time-based rates, by leveraging data collected through rigorous utility pricing experiments he managed on behalf of DOE under its Smart Grid Investment Grant.  Mr. Cappers is also currently performing quantitative analysis of regulated electric utility business models and the impacts of distributed energy resources on utility shareholders and ratepayers. Prior to joining LBNL, he worked for Neenan Associates where he helped to develop and implement techniques for quantifying customer price response to both dynamic retail rates and wholesale demand response programs, and their subsequent impact on wholesale market prices, price volatility, and service reliability. Mr. Cappers received a B.A. in 1997 from Syracuse University in Mathematics and Economics, and a M.S. in 2005 from Cornell University in Applied Economics.