Characterizing Costs, Savings and Benefits of a Selection of Energy Efficient Emerging Technologies in the United States

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Adoption of energy-efficient technologies and practices as one of the most important strategies to reduce energy consumption while maintaining economic growth. This report presents the project outcomes from performing re-assessments of all of the 33 emerging energy-efficient industrial technologies selected for this study, including re-evaluation of the 26 technologies that were previously identified by Martin et al. (2000) and their potential significance to energy use in the industries, and new evaluation of additional seven technologies. The re-assessments were updated with recent information that we searched and collected from literature to the extent possible. The progress of the selected technologies as they diffused into the marketplace from 2000 to 2010 was then discussed in this report. The report also includes updated detailed characterizations of 15 technologies studied in 2000, with comparisons noted.

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