A Framework for Integrated Analysis of Distributed Energy Resources: Guide for States

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Electric utilities have been planning for and investing in energy efficiency and demand response for more than three decades. With the growth of distributed energy resources (DERs) that are viable, utility planning for and investment in demand-side resources now includes distributed photovoltaics, multiple storage options, and electric vehicle infrastructures. This wide range of DERs represents both opportunities and challenges for resource planners as they work to include the benefits and costs of DERs in integrated resource plans.

The January 2018 Technical Advisory Group (TAG) slides provide an overview of the process used to create a framework for states, electric utilities, and stakeholders to consider when undertaking an integrated analysis to assess the potential and plan for distributed energy resources (DERs) in resource planning, demand-side management planning, and distribution system planning. The document also includes a summary of a scoping study conducted prior to developing the framework and select examples of DER potential studies

The August 2018 slides were presented at the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Summer Study, and discuss the study approach, the framework for integrated analysis of DERs, examples of studies that use the three levels of framework for the six DERs considered, and conclusions.
The August 2018 paper was published in the proceedings of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Summer Study. It discusses the framework, and provides energy efficiency focused examples of using the framework for integrated analysis of DERs. Note that the slides, and paper, cover six DERs while this paper is focused on efficiency.
The November 2018 paper is the final report for this project and the full study that considers six DERs. 

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