International Review of Standards and Labeling Programs for Distribution Transformers

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Transmission and distribution (T&D) losses in electricity networks represent 8.5% of final energy consumption in the world. In Latin America, T&D losses range between 6% and 20% of final energy consumption, and represent 7% in Chile. Because approximately one-third of T&D losses take place in distribution transformers alone, there is significant potential to save energy and reduce costs and carbon emissions through policy intervention to increase distribution transformer efficiency.

A large number of economies around the world have recognized the significant impact of addressing distribution losses and have implemented policies to support market transformation towards more efficient distribution transformers. As a result, there is considerable international experience to be shared and leveraged to inform countries interested in reducing distribution losses through policy intervention. 

The report builds upon past international studies of standards and labeling (S&L) programs for distribution transformers to present the current energy efficiency programs for distribution transformers around the world. The report is organized under two sections. The first section of the report provides a summary of findings with a cross-cutting analysis of the energy efficiency policies that have been collected, focusing on four major aspects of policy design: 

  • Scope of regulation, 
  • Test standards, 
  • Energy efficiency policy types for distribution transformers, 
  • Efficiency metrics. 

The second section of the report provides detailed, individual country profiles and web links for further information.

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