Methodology for Estimating Purchased Prices of Energy-efficient Motors Internationally and Results for Selected Countries

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Motor-driven systems accounts for approximately 60% of manufacturing final electricity use worldwide. Setting standards and designing policies to increase the energy efficiency of the electric motor stocks in a country is a complex process that requires substantial amount of data and analysis. One of the key data needed for this purpose is the purchase price of electric motors in local market conditions. This study was conducted to develop a bottom-up approach to estimate the purchase price of electric motors in different countries/regions for different sizes, number of poles, enclosures, and efficiency levels by adjusting a recent analysis from the U.S to local parameters. The methodology allows for estimates of manufacturer selling prices, along with other costs associated with the distribution channel to calculate purchase prices for different efficiency levels, in different economies. In this report, we provide preliminary results for selected countries/regions in order to illustrate the possible applications of our analysis. Despite the uncertainties due to specific market conditions, this approach can be used by analysts, industry experts, policy makers, and other interested parties to have a more systematic way to estimate the purchase price of electric motors at the country level and use such prices in cost benefit analyses and cost-effectiveness of higher energy efficiency standards for electric motors

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