Provision of secondary frequency regulation by coordinated dispatch of industrial loads and thermal power plants

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Demand responsive industrial loads with high thermal inertia have potential to provide ancillary service for frequency regulation in the power market. To capture the benefit, this study proposes a new hierarchical framework to coordinate the demand responsive industrial loads with thermal power plants in an industrial park for secondary frequency control. In the proposed framework, demand responsive loads and generating resources are coordinated for optimal dispatch in two-time scales: (1) the regulation reserve of the industrial park is optimally scheduled in a day-ahead manner. The stochastic regulation signal is replaced by the specific extremely trajectories. Furthermore, the extremely trajectories are achieved by the day-ahead predicted regulation mileage. The resulting benefit is to transform the stochastic reserve scheduling problem into a deterministic optimization; (2) a model predictive control strategy is proposed to dispatch the industry park in real time with an objective to maximize the revenue. The proposed technology is tested using a real-world industrial electrolysis power system based upon Pennsylvania, Jersey, and Maryland (PJM) power market. Various scenarios are simulated to study the performance of the proposed approach to enable industry parks to provide ancillary service into the power market. The simulation results indicate that an industrial park with a capacity of 500 MW can provide up to 40 MW ancillary service for participation in the secondary frequency regulation. The proposed strategy is demonstrated to be capable of maintaining the economic and secure operation of the industrial park while satisfying performance requirements from the real world regulation market.


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