Data for development: The case for an Indian energy information administration

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Journal Article

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Energy in India has a big data problem – the world’s second most populous and fastest growing large economy does not have a singular central body in charge of maintaining and disseminating India’s energy data, let alone analyzing it. Different pockets of data come from different bodies, some statutory, but these lack granularity and timeliness, even before we get to the challenges of data completeness, accuracy, and differences in methodology and assumptions. We propose that India should create a national Energy Information Agency – an Indian EIA or “indEIA.” India urgently needs a dedicated, central agency to collect, collate, disseminate, and facilitate the analysis of all essential energy-related data. An entity like indEIA will be critical in helping India leverage the creative powers of the national and international analyst community to provide reliable, cost-effective, and clean energy to its citizens. Our proposal envisions indEIA as the primary vehicle for curating and maintaining India’s energy data.


Energy Research & Social Science



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March 2017