Cooling Toolkit

Cooling Toolkit for Extreme Heat

To help meet the critical need for resources and tools for communities to ensure the safety of their most vulnerable residents, we’ve developed a toolkit from the Cal-THRIVES project to help communities better cope with extreme heat (A California Toolkit for Heat Resilience in Underserved Environments). Toolkit items and their intended audiences include the following:

  • Community cooling tips (For community residents)
  • Fact sheets on passive and active cooling measures (For DIY-enthusiasts, NGOs, program administrators) 
  • Software tools (For extreme heat resilience program developers, engineers, researchers
  • Modeling summaries for building measures and outdoor measures (For extreme heat resilience program developers, engineers, researchers
  • Policy and program recommendations (For state, regional, and local policymakers
Community Cooling Guides

Community Cooling Tip Sheet ScreenshotOne-page and pocket community guides detailing tips for staying cool in the heat are available for download in English and Spanish. 

"Tips to Stay Cool in the Heat" Community Guide

Community Cooling Pocket Guide 

Fact Sheets

Cooling measure fact sheet previewThe toolkit offers a collection of fact sheets about passive and active cooling measures, ideal for use with more specialized audiences like DIY-enthusiasts, NGOs and program administrators. 

Cooling Topic Fact Sheets


Modeling Results
Passive measure simulation chart
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Modeling summaries for building and outdoor measures are available for extreme heat resilience program developers, engineers, and researchers. 

Modeling Summary Matrices


Software Tools

CityBES preview For extreme heat resilience program developers, engineers, and researchers, software tools are available to assist with neighborhood-scale building modeling. 


CityBES is an open tool for neighborhood- to urban-scale building modeling, which can model energy savings for one building or a group of buildings. Both passive and active indoor measures are modeled. 

Heat Vulnerability Index (HVI)

A Heat Vulnerability Index (HVI) modeling tool for Fresco is available online. 

Policy and Program Recommendations

For state, regional, and local policymakers, the toolkit offers policy and program recommendations. 


CA Strategic Growth CouncilThis toolkit was developed as part of the Cal-THRIVES project funded by the California Strategic Growth Council.